Independent Operators

We are looking for independent operators in Chicago area and New York City.

BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) has established what we believe to be is the largest, highest-quality network of ground travel providers in the world. By providing a seamless, automated reservation flow for our suppliers and industry-leading service quality and ride trackability for our clients, we utilize the most advanced technology in the industry to revolutionize the way ground transportation is being delivered. As we continue our rapid growth, we are always in search of high-quality suppliers who have what it takes to be a part of our network.

The BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) limo service Chicago network includes hundreds of independent operators who supply their own vehicles and must meet our standards for service, safety and other performance metrics. As part of our quality assurance program, we review feedback from the company’s electronic monitoring systems and examine customer feedback for operators from each transaction. These observations are used to grade performance and determine the levels of service provided by independent operators. By becoming the market leader for customer demand, is able to attract the best local drivers and provide services at highly competitive rates. If you are interested in joining our affiliate partners’ network, please complete the following survey. This information will help us learn more about your company and best determine if it aligns with BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) standards.

BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) and DN® APP is now available as a native app on iPhone/iPad, Android Platforms.

DN® APP is a free driver communication solution for the Limo Anywhere platform. Its primary purpose is to streamline and automate a lot of the manual tasks operators are faced with on a daily basis. With DN® APP, you can allow your drivers to update reservation statuses as the ride progresses, log times such as “on location” or “customer in car”, process payments, obtain electronic signatures from clients, log their trip related expenses and much, much more. The DN® APP is a tightly integrated, flexible solution which operates on a number of platforms and devices.With BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) and DN® APP Anywhere our drivers/affiliates will be able to manage the entire reservation workflow (Pre-Ride, In-Ride, and Post Ride) with just a few screen taps.

How It Works

BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) DN® APP is your solution to the headache that is national affiliate and pricing management. Utilizing a rigorously tested network of affiliates, standardized and pre-negotiated rates in 60 markets, and proprietary ride tracking and management technology, it’s the affiliate manager you don’t have to pay a salary. By taking the administrative and operational work out of the equation, you can spend more time doing what you do best: building your business.


  • View, accept or reject trips in real-time
  • Vehicle Selection: Drivers can select the vehicle they are assigned to
  • View route maps from current location to pick-up, or from pick-up to drop-off locations
  • Accept “on-demand” jobs from participating partners
  • Push Notification: Drivers get updated every time they are assigned a new job or if there is a change



  • Update Trip Statuses
  • Track Flights
  • Start and stop waiting time
  • Tolls & Parking Logging
  • Real-Time Payment Processing
  • Vehicle Selection
  • View Driving Instructions
  • Add and remove extra stops
  • Add miscellaneous expenses
  • Log Trip Timess


A Process Built to Make National Operation Easy

  • Using the confidence that 40-market coverage from DN® APP Network provides, you and your team get one of your customers interested in riding with your company out of town.
  • From the DN® APP Network interface in your Limo Anywhere software, you check the price real-time receive confirmed availability not just on the spot, but on the screen.
  • BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) DN® APP Network automatically selects a pre-screened member partner to serve your customer, and send all of the ride details to their Limo Anywhere dispatch grid. If there’s any question about whether the details were received correctly, we follow up directly.
  • Leveraging our industry-leading network standards, we receive status updates and GPS positions from the car that is picking up your customer, then we send those directly to your Limo Anywhere screen so that you can stay worry-free.
  • You receive your final bill with tolls, parking or overtime and you charge your customer. And we anxiously await the next time we hear from you.


Becoming part of BAL (BookAlimos,Ltd) and DN® Network is absolutely free.


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